GAMMA.CON Done, PAX AUS Here We Come

Last weekend we attended the local convention GAMMA.CON. It was great to finally get the game into so many hands and it was even better to see people having fun with it. 

We got a lot of feedback, found a lot of bugs and met a lot of cool people from the local area. We look forward to going next year!

This video has some footage of our (and the other indie exhibitors) setup.

These pictures show the high levels of precision and planning that went into creating our sign. It worked out in the end, thanks largely to Lachlan's expert taping skills.

The lead up to the event was pretty crazy, and we were still working on the game during the morning of the first day. Thankfully we got the major kinks ironed out pretty quickly, so we didn't need to do anything on the second day.

Unfortunately, the night before the event, our repo on BitBucket filled up and we were unable to use source control. We've since moved to Git Lab and GitKraken for improved storage and functionality.

Most of the feedback we received, and the problems we observed, were focused on area's we'd already identified as needing work, but until GAMMA.CON we weren't sure how much work. It's allowed us to shift and focus our priorities so we can have the best possible game by PAX AUS.

Dismantle has come a long way, I think if we had exhibited the game just a month or two ago, it wouldn't have gotten nearly as positive a reception as it did. It was encouraging for the whole team to see people really get stuck in.

Shortly after the event we were able to record some footage from the convention build.

The music you hear in the video is courtesy of some great composers we've been working with. Hopefully we can bring you more info on that partnership soon.

If you're from the area and you got a chance to come by during GAMMA.CON, thanks for playing!

We're now full steam ahead getting ready for PAX. We've got a whole lot to do with very little time to do it, but we should be putting out regular updates here on the blog.

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.!