Self Destruct Sequence....Initiated

Over the last few weeks we've been implementing a way for players that lose their arms and legs to still have some control over the outcome of a match instead of simply being dead.

While in this state, players will be able to wriggle around, press buttons and trigger environmental effects to hinder their opponents. We've also given players the ability to detonate their an torso, doing so will launch their head to safety. 


Once a player's torso has been removed by force or willingly sacrificed, they can roll around as a head in a last ditch effort to achieve victory. The player will be able to affect buttons and triggers in the same way as a player with a torso.

Players can also detonate their head in an attempt to draw the round (giving them a better chance at winning overall).


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for future updates from the team at GreatHelm.