Cool Unity Plugins

Recently we've made a concerted effort to be more aware of community created plugins and tools. While searching a forum, I came across a list of plugins developed by Keijiro Takahashi, a programmer who works at Unity Japan.

He's created and contributed to a large number of cool tools and assets for Unity , we tried a lot of them out and i'd like to share a couple of those today.


I've never been a big fan of fog while working in unity, but that was largely due to it's inability to fade nicely into the background without a lot of workarounds. This improved version of Unity Fog looks lovely, although it's incompatible with legacy cube-maps.


I love ambient occlusion, but the default Unity image effects are weak, deal poorly with large distances and look ugly while the camera is in motion. Baking ambient occlusion is an option for some games, but we want to have environmental destruction, which rules that out as an option.

This image effect improves on the default effect by miles. It looks great while the camera's in motion, and looks better at all distances.