Early March Update

So an update coming "soon" turned into update nearly two months later.....whoops.

Soon after the last update we moved office, then became busy with putting together a grant proposal. Clearly we neglected this blog , but we'll be aiming to get back on track with at least fortnightly updates.

Thankfully we've made some significant progress and some significant changes during our gap in communication.

We've implemented boosting, so players can hit X to quickly move in a chosen direction. Players will use this to dodge, navigate environments and close distances for close combat.

Shooting is close to being complete, with modular systems in place to allow easy creation of weapons.

We've been working on a system to allow the player to have up to eight arms. These extra appendages are attached to your back, they can attack, shoot and assist with movement like normal limbs but a bit weaker.

We're in the process of cleaning up our project to help with organisation. 

We also reworked movement and have finally manoeuvred it into a place we're happy with.

Next week we'll have footage to share, so stay tuned for that.

Thanks for reading.