Melee Progress and Magical Fancy Hole Shaders

This last week we mainly worked on the new melee combat and the new environment.

Working on melee has been interesting, we've looked at games like Street Fighter and Dark Souls to try and pinpoint all the systems that go into making satisfying combat. We should have it up and running next week, we'll go through the various pieces of the system here on the blog.

While working on the combat, we put together a handy tool that lets us change the color of  hitboxes while they are dealing damage. It's proven very handy for debugging and working out the damage windows for attack animations.

While working on the new environment, we ran into some issues with player visibility. Due to our static camera facing, we can have issues with players becoming hidden behind tall objects. This problem is amplified when trying to make an arena with tall and solid walls.

The solution we implemented allows us to combat that issue, we're able to create transparent windows through objects in the foreground. The solution still needs some work to fix the orientation, size, activation and aesthetics of the window, but having this system will allow for a lot more freedom in level design.

The GIF below gives a basic idea of boosting, although new animations and tweaking of values are required to get it to where we want it.

Next week we should be able to show off an early version of melee combat and the new level.

Sorry for any GIF weirdness, it seems like Squarespace chooses a totally random framerate for each GIF.

Thanks for reading!