New Gameplay Footage

We've got a new gameplay video showing the progress we've made in the last couple of months.

What we have now is almost a complete reconstruction of what we had in September, with very little recycled.

In addition to being a stronger foundation, the  current version is more feature complete than the initial prototype, with the new features of:

Animation/hit feedback
Environmental obstacles/features
Colour selection
Functional Menus
Limbs as weapons
Rag dolls

No part of the game is currently in its final form, but we're happy with the amount of functionality that's been implemented recently.

Our current major focus points are decals (for blood/oil etc.) and Jumping/Falling/Sliding/Landing. We previously had issues with jumping, but this time we're going in with more experience and far better research and planning, so it should be a smoother process than last time. 

One of the next major features we'll be focusing on is the camera, and some real visual art should start showing up in these posts.

Thanks for reading!