Jumping is Hard

It's been an enlightening experience to see how long we can spend on a feature that seems so simple on the surface.

Our progress has slowed over the last fortnight due to difficulties we've had implementing jumping and the systems around it: air control, falling, damage and rag-dolls are symbiotic systems for us. Without one, the others are hard to properly assess, so we've been developing them together as a package.

The sticking point has been with air-control. It's partly an issue with using root motion, but also the paths we've taken to designing and implementing it have made it harder than it needed to be. Without using physics movement it's been proving difficult to get air control feeling nice, and it's been revealing to really see how many little intricacies can go into something that's a second thought from a players perspective.

Most players will never consciously consider how the player controls while falling, but if it feels wrong then they'll know straight away. That goes for a lot of elements in a game, and going forward we'll be keeping that in mind. We'll also be implementing better planning to avoid having too many dependencies, and we'll be doing more thorough research into what's already out there.

We should be getting past it soon, and hopefully we'll be able to move onto more exciting progress.

On the art side we've been doing character and level work.